Jeff's Music

This page is dedicated to my favorite types of music. I listen to mostly classic rock, christian rock, '80s, and ska music. Most of you are familiar with some of my favorite artists like: However, most people are not familiar with Ska Music. Contrary to popular belief, Ska music is an old style that has been around for a while. It all started in Jamaica in the '60s where Ska became very popular among the Jamaicans. Eventually Ska music evolved into rock steady music also know as reggae. Today's Ska music is a little different from the 60's, but you can still find many bands that still play the old-school style. Generally you won't hear Ska on the radio because it has not become mainstream enough. So that is why I have some Ska music album reviews down below. Go out and buy a Ska sampler. You never know, you might enjoy it.

Here are a few reviews of albums by popular ska bands
(click on album name for review)

The Aquabats Buck-O-Nine Five Iron Frenzy The Hippos The Insyderz Less Than Jake The Mighty Mighty Bostones